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Focus On Our Funding Partners

May 17, 2019
abortion cost and funding partners

At Austin Women’s Health Center we believe that exceptional healthcare is about more than just quality medical services. It’s also about helping our clients access compassionate and affordable healthcare. It feels like every day we hear about another way that access to abortion care is being strained by politics and religious beliefs.  Along with the abortion cost itself and financial setbacks that can be related to accessing care, funding for services and associated costs are more important now than ever.  In order to help our patients navigate these difficulties, we work closely with trusted partner organizations to offer financial assistance for abortion care and related expenses. Regardless of the political climate, we are dedicated to helping everyone who wants an abortion, access our services. We have been in Austin, 40+ years and we vow to continue to serve our community as long as we are able.

How We Help with Abortion Cost and Expenses

A number of factors contribute to the total cost of getting an abortion.  Beyond the fees for the procedure, most people also need to cover transportation, lodging, and other travel related expenses. For many patients, mandatory waiting periods compound the financial strain when you factor in the additional burdens of lost wages and family care costs. If you are concerned about paying for your abortion, please tell us. Our staff will guide you through the financial details so you fully understand the options and resources that are available. In many cases, our staff is authorized to screen patients and apply for financial reimbursement through our funding partners.

Who Are Our Funding Partners

Below is a list of our trusted partners who strive, above all, to take care of you and be there when you need them. For your convenience, links to their websites have been provided.

National Network of Abortion Funds (NNAF)

The National Network of Abortion Funds is a network of more than 60 abortion access organizations working together to “remove financial and logistical barriers to abortion access.” NNAF works to ensure abortion access through fundraising efforts and policy advocacy.  

National Abortion Federation (NAF)

The National Abortion Federation (NAF) is a professional organization for Private and Non-Profit abortion service providers that offers educational opportunities for patients and providers, and advocates for pro-choice public policy initiatives. NAF also helps fund abortion procedures for people who live in states where Medicaid doesn’t pay for abortion services. Austin Women’s Health Center is authorized to screen patients for funding eligibility through “The Justice Fund”.

NAF also provides funding assistance for travel, lodging, and other expenses through the “Dr. Tiller Patient Assistance Fund”.

Women’s Reproductive Rights Assistance Project (WRRAP)

The Women’s Reproductive Rights Assistance Project is a nonprofit organization that works directly with reproductive health clinics to offer financial assistance for emergency contraception and abortion procedures. AWHC is authorized to screen patients for financial assistance through WRRAP funding programs.

Fund Texas Choice (FTC)

Fund Texas Choice works with clinics to offer funding assistance for transportation, lodging, and travel related expenses for people seeking an abortion in Texas. Fund Texas Choice also helps connect people seeking abortions with safe and reputable medical care through their website and toll-free hotline.

Lilith Fund

The Lilith Fund is a local nonprofit organization that offers financial assistance to people who cannot pay for an abortion. The Lilith fund also has volunteer opportunities and organizes a number of fundraising events throughout the year.

The Bridge Collective

The Bridge Collective is a Central Texas-based organization that works to ensure abortion access by offering a variety of transportation and support services through the Safe Transportation Access Network and Doulas (STAND) program.

How Can We Help YOU?

Austin Women’s Health Center believes that everyone has a right to access abortion care regardless of financial circumstances. We understand that each patient is an individual with unique needs and concerns, so we strive to provide the best care and support to all our clients.

If you are concerned about paying for an abortion, please call our office to discuss financial assistance availability and learn more about our trusted funding partners.