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City Council Unanimously In Favor Of Funding Abortion — Now Meet The Groups Providing Practical Support To Austinites

In our last blog post, we talked about the Austin community members’ recent demand to the City Council to continue the practical support program for people seeking abortions, historically implemented last year. While $150,000 was allocated to the program, reproductive rights groups and advocates called for local officials not only to continue providing that funding […]

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“Heartbeat” Bills Are Misleading. Here Are The Facts

This month, we want to address how legislation banning abortion as soon as fetal cardiac activity can be detected, aka “heartbeat” bills, are perpetuated by a lack of understanding surrounding fetal development, and harms patients by stigmatizing a personal and necessary decision.  Dangerous and misleading information spread by anti-abortion activists has made it difficult for patients […]

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Post Abortion Syndrome Myth

Some people may experience complex emotions when making the decision to have an abortion, and those emotions can sometimes become amplified when hearing inaccurate information designed to scare us out of our decision. Abortion providers are already required to state embellished physical risks of abortion to patients by law, but the anti-abortion community has long […]

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