Early Pregnancy Assessment Clinic

Early Pregnancy Assessment Clinic

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At Austin Women’s Health Center, we provide prompt appointments for family planning, testing, emergency contraception, ultrasounds, wellness visits, counseling, primary care, STI testing, and treatment of urgent issues. We are honored to serve our community with compassionate and high-quality care in a supportive environment.

Early Pregnancy Assessment Clinic

We are excited to be the first local provider to offer an Early Pregnancy Assessment Clinic that will provide care to pregnant patients between their first positive pregnancy test and first OB appointment. Early Pregnancy Assessment Clinics are effective ways of reducing unnecessary and often expensive trips to the ER. Patients can receive timely consults, advanced care, and emotional support through our early pregnancy assessment services. 

For those experiencing complications in early pregnancy, we are here to help. Patients with a history of early pregnancy loss, ectopic pregnancy, or that have spotting, bleeding, and/or cramping before their first prenatal appointment at their OB, can schedule an evaluation at our office.  

Early Pregnancy Assessment Services:

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Since 1976, it has been our honor to provide our community with high-quality care. We are still here for you.

Even though we cannot provide abortion care at this time, we will do everything in our ability to provide unbiased, accurate information to patients about pregnancy and their options for parenting, adoption, AND abortion. 

Our priority is (and always will be) ensuring everyone gets the quality reproductive healthcare they need. 

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