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We Will Continue To Provide Reproductive Health Services

Unfortunately, the recent Supreme Court decision has made it impossible for our clinic to continue providing abortion services at this time.   The abortion ban has NOT taken effect but Texas Attorney General Paxton and Texas officials are trying to jump the gun and declare it banned today.  That is why we have to stop providing abortions […]

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Copycat Bans Follow After Texas SB 8

In December 2021, the Supreme Court allowed Texas’s SB 8 abortion ban to remain in effect. This ban meant that healthcare providers would not be able to sue judges, clerks, or the state attorney for allowing the law to take effect and that bounty-hunter lawsuits could still be filed against abortion providers for aiding or […]

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UPDATED: Medication Abortion vs. Surgical Abortion: Which is Best For Me?

Updated: March 30, 2022 Navigating an abortion can be complex, especially if you’ve been shamed or live in a state that doesn’t provide resources. At Austin Women’s Health Center, we understand that the decision to have an abortion can be a complex yet necessary decision — and we want to support your choices. If you’re […]

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