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Post Abortion Syndrome Myth

Some people may experience complex emotions when making the decision to have an abortion, and those emotions can sometimes become amplified when hearing inaccurate information designed to scare us out of our decision. Abortion providers are already required to state embellished physical risks of abortion to patients by law, but the anti-abortion community has long […]

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We Stand With You

Austin Women’s Health Center stands with the millions of Black and brown people around the world who have been spurred by the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis to demand an end to all police violence and the extrajudicial murders of Black people. We have been appalled by the repeated (and endless) use of violence […]

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Let’s Talk Safe Sex During COVID-19

Since the pandemic spread rapidly through our communities, preventive measures have been necessary to protect our health and the health of those we know and love. Putting safe sex into practice was previously necessary to protect against STIs and to prevent pregnancy, but since COVID-19 spreads through saliva and has been found in feces, it is […]

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