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Abortion Advocacy is For Everyone

Have you been wanting to become more involved in your local abortion advocacy community? Did Senate Bill 8 — which bans abortion beyond six weeks effective September 1 — push you to a point of no return, and now you’re burning with a fiery passion to fight back against the patriarchy, and the racist and […]

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STD Testing During COVID

  What are STDs (sexually transmitted diseases)?   STDs and STIs (sexually transmitted infections) are passed from one person to another through sexual contact. You can contract an STD from vaginal, anal, or oral sex from someone who has an STD. Symptoms can include: Painful urination Lower abdominal pain Vaginal discharge  Discharge from the penis  […]

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UPDATE: How Will I Pay For My Abortion?

Many of our clients worry about how to pay for an abortion. At Austin Women’s Health Center, we believe funding should never be an obstacle for anyone seeking an abortion in Texas, and we are committed to providing compassionate and individualized healthcare to all of our patients. We understand that low-income people and people of […]

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