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Accessing Emergency Contraception “Plan B” During COVID-19

Have you been wondering what your options are when accessing emergency contraception “Plan B” during the pandemic? Do you know how you would access emergency contraception if you needed it? Access might look a little different now, but birth control is an essential form of healthcare, and there are still ways to obtain it among […]

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Abortion Reversal Myth

It’s not unusual for an abortion to sometimes be accompanied by uncomfortable feelings. But lately, there’s been a lot of misinformation circulating as a result of lawmakers imposing unnecessary restrictions on abortion providers. Six states (Arkansas, Idaho, Kentucky, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Utah) currently require doctors to tell their patients they might be able to […]

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Under 18? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

This post was written by Paige Alexandria, a counselor at Austin Women’s Health Center, and a volunteer advocate at Jane’s Due Process, one of our funding partners.   Restrictions When Needing Abortion and Birth Control In Texas, laws restrict people from getting birth control or an abortion under 18 without permission from a parent or […]

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