Pre-Abortion Counseling and Ultrasounds

pre abortion counseling ultrasound

Pre-Abortion Ultrasounds & Pre-Abortion Counseling

We are proud to offer pre-abortion ultrasounds and pre-abortion counseling to help you get the care you choose. We are the only legitimate medical center in Austin, Texas, that offers same or next-day ultrasound appointments.

Why Come to Austin Women’s Health Center for a Pre-Abortion Ultrasound and Pre-Abortion counseling?

Abortion is still legal in many states. Before making plans for an abortion in another state, a pre-abortion ultrasound can confirm the length of pregnancy and rule out any urgent complications that could warrant immediate care. 

Confirming your pregnancy beforehand helps with a range of circumstances.

  • We provide early diagnosis and treatment for miscarriage
    Sometimes, there are no signs of miscarriage until an ultrasound.
  • Rule out a chemical pregnancy
    A chemical pregnancy occurs before the fifth week of pregnancy and is a common form of pregnancy loss. Often, the only sign is a late period.
  • Spotting an ectopic pregnancy
    An ectopic pregnancy occurs when an embryo implants outside of the uterus. These pregnancies are life-threatening and timely, immediate care is critical. An ultrasound can help identify the location of the pregnancy.
  • Receive accurate length of pregnancy
    An accurate ultrasound is critical to get the care you choose or require. If you are farther or earlier along than you think, it may impact your options for abortion in nearby states.
  • Receive testing from a pro-choice clinic before your appointment
    Some clinics may want you to have had an ultrasound and/or blood typing before scheduling or arriving at your appointment. At a pro-choice clinic, get the care you need in a supportive environment.
  • Time is of the essence
    Many clinics require you to wait until the 8-10 week mark before receiving your ultrasound. In early pregnancy, whether you face complications or are seeking an out-of-state abortion, prompt care is essential.

Trustworthy, Supportive, Pro-Choice Care, Every Day, Every Patient.

Abortion is still legal in many other states. We provide pre-abortion counseling and reliable information about abortion facilities in other states as well as info about financial and transportation assistance.

You can ask questions about the abortion process and receive patient, supportive responses from a pro-choice staff experienced in providing abortion care and sensitive to your needs.

Our providers establish close-to-home care whenever you might need us, whether that’s necessary follow-up care or a routine exam.

Our staff supports your decision. Always.

It’s our goal to help you get the care you choose.

*While we cannot provide abortions at this time due to Texas law, we provide out-of-state options and can help provide resources for funding and travel expenses.