abortion appointment

While we cannot legally provide you with an appointment for an abortion at this time, we support your choice to end your pregnancy and will provide you with medically accurate information involving all your reproductive healthcare.

We are seeing patients for all early pregnancy-related questions and concerns!

Our highly trained staff are compassionate and committed to providing sexual and reproductive healthcare services in our community. Here are services we offer designed for all your reproductive healthcare needs. 


  • Pregnancy Options Counseling
  • Free walk-in urine pregnancy testing
  • Emergency contraception (Plan B,  Ella, and IUD)
  • Ultrasounds to date pregnancy
  • Evaluation of bleeding/cramping in early pregnancy
  • Medical and Surgical Management of Early Pregnancy Loss
  • Pregnancy Loss  follow-up
  • Abortion follow-up
  • Wellness Exams and Primary Care 
  • Family Planning: timely appointments for oral contraceptives, all IUD devices, Implant, Patch, Ring, Shot
  • STI Testing and Treatment
  • Treatment for UTI, Yeast Infection, and other Urgent Gynecological issues
  • Treatment for Bartholin Gland Cyst
  • Consultation on Permanent Sterilization
  • In-Office D&C Removal of embedded IUD devices
  • In-Office Novasure Uterine Ablation to treat heavy menstrual bleeding
  • In-Office D&C procedure for abnormal uterine bleeding in Post-Menopausal patients

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