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Donate to Protect Reproductive Health in Texas:

Since the overturning of Roe V. Wade and the Texas Legislator’s quick action to cut off access locally, the last safe independent reproductive healthcare clinic in Central Texas has been thrown into chaos. Clients are too intimidated to come in, referral sources have shrunken away for fear of legal action, and the news media has struggled to keep up with the options that remain. As the last Independent clinic in Austin, we are at a crisis point. Austin Women’s Health Center (est. 1976) is a small team with few reserves and we have had to spend thousands on advertising, marketing, and staff, to be able to adapt in a hostile and willfully unclear environment.


Give our community and the 3,000 patients we currently serve, hope and agency by donating now! We are on a mission to keep our staff and clinic open.

Thank you for helping independent clinics like ours continue serving our community. Together, we can ensure that Austin Women’s Health remains open and continues serving pro-choice care.

More On Why This Is So Critical

We know that in Austin when people search for ultrasounds, they may come across anti-abortion crisis pregnancy centers in their search results, which have been found to lie about ultrasound results to dissuade people from getting an abortion. This is dangerous.

Patients may not know where to turn for care after their abortions—we offer safety and support through pro-choice abortion follow-ups.

We recently had a patient who we will call Sara, come to see us for an ultrasound since she would have to wait three more weeks to get in with an obstetrician. Our highly trained staff identified an ectopic pregnancy and Sara was seen the same day for emergency surgery at a local hospital to treat this life-threatening situation.

Clinic closures can make people, like Sara, feel alone and unsure of where to go, adding to a culture of confusion created by anti-abortion legislation.

We launched a campaign for patients like Sara to continue to provide vital care to our community.

This care includes:

  • Comprehensive gynecological care
  • Miscarriage management
  • Family planning services
  • STI testing and treatment
  • Pregnancy testing, sonography, and options counseling
  • Abortion care referral services
  • Abortion follow-up services

Will you help us continue to serve our community?

By donating to our campaign, you will directly support the health and safety of women in our community. Your contribution will help cover the high cost of stocking contraceptive devices, which are highly effective at preventing unintended pregnancy.

Sharing this page with friends and family, spreading the word on social media, and volunteering your time are all ways to support our cause.

Austin Women’s Health Center has been serving the Austin community with quality reproductive care since 1976. We provide pro-choice reproductive healthcare services in a private, supportive environment free of coercion or hidden agendas.

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