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Announcing: A Way To Continue to Support High-Quality Reproductive Care!

December 4, 2023

Your Support Matters: Donate Today

We are excited to announce the launch of our non-profit, Davis Global Foundation, to ensure we can continue providing exceptional healthcare to over 3,000 patients in our community. We have also launched a donation page on the website to make your generous gifts easy to manage.  Your continued donations make a huge difference in keeping our clinic open and maintaining the accessibility and quality of our services.

Here’s how you can get involved in the fight to save reproductive healthcare in Texas:

One-Time Donations: 

You can make a single, impactful contribution to support our mission. Your generosity allows us to continue offering essential reproductive care services.

Recurring Donations: 

Consider setting up recurring monthly donations. By doing so, you ensure a steady stream of support, helping us cover the high cost of stocking contraceptive devices that are highly effective in preventing unintended pregnancies.

Why Your Donation Matters

By contributing to our campaign, you directly support the health and safety of women in our community. Your donation helps us maintain our commitment to offering a full range of reproductive care services. Here’s what your donations fund: 

Comprehensive Gynecological Care

We provide thorough and compassionate gynecological care to address various health needs.

Miscarriage Management: Our experienced team offers sensitive and supportive care during challenging times.

Family Planning Services: We empower individuals to make informed choices about their reproductive health and family planning.

STI Testing and Treatment: Your support helps us offer essential testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections.

Pregnancy Testing, Sonography, and Options Counseling: We provide guidance and care for those facing pregnancy-related decisions.

Abortion Care Referral Services: For those seeking abortion services, we offer reliable referrals and follow-up care.

Join Our Cause

Supporting Austin Women’s Healthcare is more than a donation; it’s a commitment to the well-being and autonomy of women in our community.

Get involved:

Donate: Use our secure donation form to make a one-time or recurring contribution. Your donations are tax-deductible as we are a nonprofit organization.

Spread the Word: Share our campaign with friends and family on social media. Raising awareness is vital to our success.

Volunteer: Consider giving your time to help us with our mission. Your involvement is greatly appreciated.

Your contribution to Austin Women’s Healthcare will directly impact the lives of women and families in our community. We are deeply grateful for your support as we continue to provide essential reproductive care services and uphold the values of choice, privacy, and quality care that we’ve been known for since 1976. Together, we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of those we serve. Thank you for being part of our cause.