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The Fight To Save Austin Women’s Health Center

September 6, 2023


Austin American Statesman
Austin Women’s Health Center: One of the last Texas clinics providing post-abortion care

“‘Nowhere to go’: Austin Women’s Health Center fundraises to keep reproductive health clinic open”

Austin Women’s Health Center struggling to stay open

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Austin Women’s Health Center at risk of closure

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Austin’s Last Independent Reproductive Health Center Could Close

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Austin Women’s Health Center: One of the last Texas clinics providing post-abortion care

Sole private option for women’s healthcare for more than 150 miles, fighting to protect access with $75,000+ campaign goal

AUSTIN, TEXAS – In response to the escalating threats against women’s reproductive rights at the federal and state levels, Austin Women’s Health Center (est. 1976) is launching an urgent fundraising campaign to raise $75,000 or more aimed at protecting essential reproductive healthcare for women across Central Texas. As the last remaining independent option for more than 150 miles, the call for support is critical for thousands of women across the state—now and as we advance.

Since the overturning of Roe V. Wade and the Texas Legislator’s quick action to cut off access locally, operations and public perception around the last safe, independent reproductive healthcare clinic in Central Texas have been thrown into chaos. As the last independent clinic from Houston to Austin, access is at a crisis point.

The leadership of Austin Women’s Health Center is taking a bold stand to safeguard these rights and ensure that every woman has the freedom to make decisions about her own body and future.

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Quote from Former Clinic Director Julie Smith

Since Roe was overturned, we have served over 3,000 clients with timely and compassionate healthcare. We have provided over 1,000 unbiased ultrasounds in early pregnancy and have identified multiple ectopic pregnancies that helped expedite the treatment of this life-threatening condition.

We have counseled hundreds of patients on abortion options and provided referrals and resources. We have provided over 250 post-abortion follow-ups to patients anxious about the success of their abortion. We have helped 25 patients successfully and compassionately manage their miscarriages. And we have inserted over 150 long-acting reversible contraceptive devices.

But now, our ability to keep our doors open is in jeopardy.  We have depleted our reserves and made significant and heartbreaking staff reductions. Now more than ever, we need the support of our community to continue to provide care to our primarily underserved patient population.”

Funds raised through this campaign will be used to:

Support Access to Care: Donations will help keep the clinic open, even as operations and policies change, ensuring that women have access to essential reproductive healthcare services such as:

– Comprehensive gynecological care

– Miscarriage management

– Family planning services

– STI testing and treatment

– Pregnancy testing, sonography, and options counseling

– Abortion care referral services

– Abortion follow-up services

This financial support can serve as a link, ensuring the uninterrupted continuation of women’s reproductive healthcare services. The funds will be employed strategically to fortify the healthcare center’s operations well into the foreseeable future, addressing an immediate financial requirement and aiming to uphold the healthcare center’s functions over an extended duration.

The community must act now to protect women’s reproductive rights and ensure they are not stripped away. We ask the public to join in this fight for equality, freedom, and justice by donating today. 

To donate and stand up for women’s reproductive rights, please visit our GoFundMe campaign below.

For media inquiries or interview requests, please contact:
Maria Yarborough, Office Manager
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