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2+ Abortions

May 20, 2022
2+ Abortions

Despite being a standard and safe procedure, abortion is largely stigmatized in the US and globally, and the process itself can render feelings of shame. Whether someone is getting an abortion for the first or second time, stigma and shame can prevent people from seeking abortion care, force people to continue with unwanted pregnancies, or seek unsafe abortions. At Austin Women’s Health Center, we believe in a person’s choice to seek abortion care and wanted to share a vital resource with our community: 2+Abortions. 

What’s the 2+ Abortions Website? 

It is a non-monetized project that’s free for all and seeks to increase education and fight the stigma against having two or more abortions through storytelling. The website contains a library of 600 abortion stories to display the complexity of people’s reproductive lives and journeys and uses storytelling to combat stereotypes about people who undergo abortions. 

One person shared: “I’m so grateful to come across this page. I felt so ashamed due to the stigma of having an abortion, especially more than one coming from a Christian background. But, at 24 years old, I want to get my life on track, and these stories put my mind at ease that it’s possible and I’m not alone. You don’t know how much this truly means to women like me, so thank you for existing.” 

“I do not have the words to thank you: for following up, for your caring kindness, and for the comfort you’ve brought to me,” said another website visitor. “Your support has gotten me through stress, tears, and shame. It is my most earnest wish that someday I might bring even just one more woman the same comfort you brought me in this situation. How does one even show gratitude for something like that? THANK YOU.”

How to Engage With the Website

  1. Share Your Story
    • Users of the website can choose to share their stories or a kind message here. All stories are shared anonymously unless you wish to share your name.
  2. Read Other People’s Stories 
    • The website holds 600 stories of people’s personal accounts about navigating abortion, unique situations, struggles, and resilience. You can read their stories and or read stories from abortion providers
  3. Engage with Resources
  4. Look for an Abortion Provider 

Abortion should not be taboo. Visitors of 2+ Abortions are working to break down barriers and spotlight the need for safe, shame-free abortion care domestically and globally.