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Fasting Before Your Surgical Abortion

At Austin Women’s Health Center, we want to make sure you stay informed during your visit with us. During your initial consultation before an abortion, we provide a lot of information to you, and that may feel overwhelming, especially when added to the stress of navigating abortion access in Texas. Because of this, we want […]

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The Implant: Side Effects, Efficacy, and What to Expect

When thinking about what birth control to use, keep in mind that with any long-acting reversible contraception device, changes in menstrual cycles and other Nexplanon side effects are possible. Nexplanon users can experience heavy and excessive bleeding, so if you already have a heavy period, there’s a chance the bleeding could increase. Not everyone will […]

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Pregnant with IUD. Now What?

If you’ve experienced an unintended pregnancy while using an IUD, you’re probably wondering what you should do next. It can be frustrating to attempt to prevent pregnancy with birth control only for it to fail — especially with devices like IUDs, which are 99% effective — so if you’re feeling confused, sad, or angry, those […]

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