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What To Expect At My Abortion Appointments

At Austin Women's Health Center we believe that the more you understand about your medical care, the more empowered you become to make the best choice...

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What You Need to Know about Getting Pregnant and Fertility Treatments

Since opening our doors in 1976, our goal at Austin Women’s Health Center has been to build a practice that offers Central Texan’s compassionate a...

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Finding the Best Birth Control Options for You

Our doctors and staff at Austin Women's Health Center believe that helping patients choose the right birth control is one of our most important jobs. ...

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What Kind of Emergency Contraception a.k.a. “The Other Pill” is Right For Me?

Understanding specialized pharmaceutical terms and language used by medical professionals is difficult. It can be extra tricky when trying to distingu...

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What Happened to the Abortion Clinics in Killeen, Texas?

 We often get asked: What happened to the abortion clinics in Killeen, TX, and in particular, Killeen Women’s Health Center? The answer is ...

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Jane has gotten justice

BREAKING: From the ACLU, Jane Doe has received her abortion. She continues to suffer the injustice of detention, but we are relieved that her constitu...

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