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¿Cuánto Dura Un Procedimiento Quirúrgico?

Nuestro enfoque único, e individual hacia el cuidado de aborto incluye asegurarnos que este usted familiarizada con lo que puede esperar desde el principio. Queremos apoyarla en su experiencia, especialmente ya que nuestras pacientes están obligadas a navegar por obstáculos políticos en la forma de restricciones al aborto que hacen el obtener acceso mas difícil. […]

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UPDATE: How Will I Pay For My Abortion?

Many of our clients worry about how to pay for an abortion. At Austin Women’s Health Center, we believe funding should never be an obstacle for anyone seeking an abortion in Texas, and we are committed to providing compassionate and individualized healthcare to all of our patients. We understand that low-income people and people of […]

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“Heartbeat” Bills Are Misleading. Here Are The Facts

This month, we want to address how legislation banning abortion as soon as fetal cardiac activity can be detected, aka “heartbeat” bills, are perpetuated by a lack of understanding surrounding fetal development, and harms patients by stigmatizing a personal and necessary decision.  Dangerous and misleading information spread by anti-abortion activists has made it difficult for patients […]

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