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STD Testing During COVID

  What are STDs (sexually transmitted diseases)?   STDs and STIs (sexually transmitted infections) are passed from one person to another through sexual contact. You can contract an STD from vaginal, anal, or oral sex from someone who has an STD. Symptoms can include: Painful urination Lower abdominal pain Vaginal discharge  Discharge from the penis  […]

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Do I Need Sedation For My Surgical Abortion?

You might be wondering if you can have a surgical abortion without sedation. In our recent blog, we talked about how surgical abortions are among the safest medical procedures out there. Surgical abortion is safer than Botox, getting your tonsils out, or a wisdom tooth extraction! However, mild to intense cramping is still a normal […]

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Is Bleeding After Your Abortion Common? What To Expect.

Surgical abortions, also known as in-clinic procedures, are among the safest medical procedures there are. Not only are surgical abortions safer than removing your tonsils or wisdom teeth, but they are 14 times safer than continuing a pregnancy! At Austin Women’s Health Center, we offer surgical abortions until 18 weeks from your last menstrual period […]

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