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UPDATE: How Will I Pay For My Abortion?

November 2, 2020
abortion in texas

Many of our clients worry about how to pay for an abortion. At Austin Women’s Health Center, we believe funding should never be an obstacle for anyone seeking an abortion in Texas, and we are committed to providing compassionate and individualized healthcare to all of our patients. We understand that low-income people and people of color are disproportionately impacted by restrictions on abortion funding — such as the Hyde Amendment, which prohibits federal funding, like Medicaid, from paying for an abortion. Other state restrictions can also increase costs, like Texas’s 24-hour waiting period, which forces patients to visit a clinic twice. This barrier is especially difficult for parents who need to secure childcare or low-income people who need to take time off from work. 


Sorting through the details of a health insurance policy, finding extra money in your budget, or having to ask a partner, friend, or family member for help can be stressful. Our financial staff works closely with every patient and their individual circumstances and available funding options to help make this part easier. In this post, we’ll look at payment options and financial assistance that our clinic accepts for abortion care.




Texas prohibits most private insurance plans from covering abortion. But if you have an insurance plan, part of your visit might still be covered. Our financial staff can examine your coverage to determine how much of our fee is your insurance company’s responsibility, and how much you’ll be expected to pay for our services. It’s a good idea to call our office with your insurance information ahead of your appointment, so we can verify your benefits in advance and you’ll know what to expect when you arrive. 


Even if AWHC isn’t in your insurance company’s preferred network, our services may be covered by out-of-network eligibility and benefits. If so, we will guide you on how to file an out-of-network claim with your insurance company, and provide you with all the documentation you need. If you want to understand more about healthcare costs and insurance coverage, is a great resource.


If you have any questions about the general cost of an abortion in Texas or the portion of our fees that you are required to pay, let our financial staff know. We never want cost to be a barrier to care. Our staff will assist you in determining if you have other funding choices and options.


We also offer optional birth control counseling at your second appointment. Under the Affordable Care Act, insurance plans are required to offer birth control options as a benefit. This may include oral contraceptives, Nexplanon, or IUD options.


Public Coverage


Though Medicaid and Medicare do not cover abortions in Texas, AWHC partners with organizations that offer discounts to uninsured patients. To be eligible for discounted coverage, please bring your current Medicaid card and a valid form of photo identification to your appointment.


Medicaid does cover birth control devices and prescriptions when purchased at a Medicaid-participating pharmacy but check with us ahead of time to make sure your specific Medicaid plan provides coverage. 




Since most health insurance policies don’t cover abortion care, most of our patients pay our fees themselves, “out of pocket.” If you do not have medical insurance or public coverage, contact our office to discuss the current fees and payment options we offer to our self-pay clients. We can’t provide specific fee amounts, however, since fees vary from person to person.


We understand that for many people, navigating funding to pay for an abortion is hard. Our staff has assisted and supported countless patients through this process, and we want to do whatever we can to help you afford the care you need — especially because Texas has enacted restrictions that make it more difficult to pay for.


Please inform us if you are worried about paying for your abortion. We can determine if you qualify for financial assistance through one of our nonprofit partners, or we may be able to identify other funding sources.


Financial Assistance


There are a number of organizations that offer funding assistance for medical fees and expenses like lodging, transportation, meals, and emotional support services. Our staff can screen you for financial assistance from organizations we work with internally, and you can also call local organizations who may be able to help you. 


Abortion Funding


If you live in Austin or are traveling to Austin Women’s Health Center, contact The Lilith Fund’s English hotline Monday, Wednesday, or Friday at 1-877-659_4304  (español: 1-877-355-1461).


Lilith Fund provides financial assistance to people who need help paying for their abortions. Let them know if you’re experiencing any extenuating circumstances, like homelessness, domestic violence, living with disabilities, or if you’re under 18. 


We highlighted our funding partners last year. Along with our partners, AWHC believes you have a right to abortion care regardless of financial circumstances. Our funding partners may be able to help with your abortion cost.




The Bridge Collective provides transportation and lodging assistance to people traveling to Austin abortion clinics. If you need a ride, volunteers may be able to take you to and from the clinic you need to go to — including Austin Women’s Health Center! This is especially helpful for people choosing a surgical abortion while also lacking transportation, as our clinic requires you have an escort to drive you home after using any sedation method. We partner with The Bridge Collective to ensure that our patients facing additional obstacles to care can still access the necessary services they need. 


Fund Texas Choice provides practical support through transportation and lodging assistance to any Texan seeking an abortion in or out of state. This includes plane tickets, bus tickets, gas, and hotel stays. Texas has the most cities out of any state that are further than 100 miles from an abortion clinic, which means many patients have to cross state lines to access the care they need. Contact them at 1-844-900-8908 or fill out their secure form here on Thursdays at 8 a.m. Central Time. 


Under 18


Jane’s Due Process provides legal assistance to minors who need an abortion but can’t comply with Texas’ parental consent law. Young people have the right to petition for a judicial bypass, or requesting permission from a judge instead. The process is free, and so is the abortion afterward. You’ll also have support from an attorney and the organization’s client services manager. To complete an intake for a judicial bypass, contact Jane’s Due Process by phone at 1-866-999-5263, or text them at the same number anytime from 8 am-11 pm CT. 


If you’re under 18 and have gone through the process of obtaining a judicial bypass, your abortion will be completely covered by financial assistance. Just bring your judicial bypass to the clinic and we will make sure your costs are covered with the assistance of the National Abortion Federation.


Cost, Fees, and Payment


A number of factors contribute to the cost of an abortion in Texas, including pregnancy length, whether you want to have a medical abortion or surgical abortion, and a patient’s medical history.


We ask that you pay our fee at your initial consultation appointment or on our website patient portal, but you can also pay at the time of your abortion. Remember to bring your photo identification and any required insurance cards or financial paperwork to your appointments. If you’re a minor working with Jane’s Due Process, you’ll need to bring your judicial bypass with you, too. If you’re under 18 and have parental consent, your parent or legal guardian must bring their identification as well. 


We accept payment in the form of cash, money orders, or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express). If you are paying with a credit card, the person whose name is on the card must be present. If the cardholder can’t be present at your appointment, please pay online.


At Austin Women’s Health Center (AWHC) we are committed to providing clients with access to quality, compassionate, and affordable healthcare. Our appointments are individualized and include ample time to ask questions, express concerns, and talk about all the details relating to your abortion. Please call our office if you have additional questions or would like to schedule an appointment.