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2+ Abortions

Despite being a standard and safe procedure, abortion is largely stigmatized in the US and globally, and the process itself can render feelings of shame. Whether someone is getting an abortion for the first or second time, stigma and shame can prevent people from seeking abortion care, force people to continue with unwanted pregnancies, or […]

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South Dakota Passes Bill to Restrict Medication Abortion

Medication abortions account for roughly 54% of all US abortions. Despite being one of the safest medical procedures, anti-choice states have continued to eliminate access. On March 2, 2022, South Dakota gave the green light to House Bill (HB) 1318, which would further restrict access to abortions through medications.  Republican Governor Kristi Noem proposed the […]

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A Study Finds That Racism Impacts the Sexual and Reproductive Health of Black Women In the South

From higher rates of unintended pregnancy to increased risk of pregnancy complications, Black women bear a disproportionate burden of reproductive health disparities. However, few studies have illustrated how racism impacts reproductive health services among Black women, so Ibis Reproductive Health researchers conducted a study to understand racism’s role better. Here, we break down the findings, […]

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