Patient Preparation

Before you arrive, please follow these pre-operation instructions for a first trimester surgical pregnancy termination:

1. Please have nothing to eat 6 hours prior to your appointment time and nothing to drink 3 hours prior.

2. Arrange for someone to drive you home after your appointment.

3. We recommend you wear loose, comfortable clothing, as well as underwear large enough to hold a sanitary pad.  We will provide you with a pad on the day of your appointment.

4. In consideration of all our patients, if you bring children to the appointment, please bring someone who can watch your child during your visit. If the child is being noisy, we ask you step outside and enjoy the picnic area located at the bottom of the stairs.

5. Please make sure to bring a form of photo ID with your date of birth.

6. We allow ONE (1) support person to accompany you on your visits. All escorts must present a photo ID and remain in the lobby.

Other Helpful Tips

Know where you're going: Please visit our Contact Us page for detailed directions on arriving at the office. Having this information can help you feel more comfortable and confident about visiting our office. Once you walk over the footbridge, proceed up the stairs and enter through the first door on your right.

Wear earphones: Some women find it helpful to listen to music when they arrive at the office. If there are protesters, listening to music can block out whatever protesters might be saying and deter them from approaching you.

Bring a friend: Many women find that it helps to have a friend, relative or partner come with them. Even if that person isn't able to stay with you for the whole appointment, it might ease your mind to have a support person who can distract you from the protesters.

*A special note about protesters

Many people have seen or heard stories about protesters who gather outside offices that provide abortions. Therefore, it's normal to have concerns and questions about what to expect when arriving for your appointment.

Not every clinic has protesters every day. Some clinics rarely have protesters while others may be targeted by an anti-choice campaign. If you are concerned, ask about this when you call to make an appointment. Most offices have systems in place to help minimize interaction with protesters. If you do have problems, let our staff know.

If a protester approaches you: You don't need to talk to them or answer their questions. Don't feel obligated to take any of the literature they might try to give you. Some people find they feel most comfortable if they look straight ahead, avoid eye contact with protesters, and walk quickly and confidently. If you feel intimidated by the presence of protesters, please call our office upon arrival and a staff member will gladly assist you in entering the office.

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