Lutheran Social Services - An Austin organization providing counseling to those considering adoption for an unplanned pregnancy

Adoption Advocates, Inc. - A full service adoption agency in Austin providing care and guidance to birth mothers and adoptive parents throughout Texas

Adoption Choices of Texas - A professional, full-service adoption agency providing compassion and support throughout the adoption process

Lilith Fund - Small grants available for assisting women getting an abortion in Texas

National Abortion Federation - Professional association of abortion providers in the U.S. and Canada

National Network of Abortion Funds - An organization striving to remove financial and logistical barriers to abortion access 

Jane's Due Process - A nonprofit organization that ensures legal representation for pregnant minors in Texas

Pregnancy Options:
Abortion Method Workbook - Detailed information about surgical abortion and medical abortion to help you choose which is best for you

Pregnancy Options Workbook - Helps you explore equally all your pregnancy options, including becoming a parent, adoption, and abortion

Choice USA - A national organization that promotes political support for choice

National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL) Pro-Choice America - Another national organization supporting pro-choice politics

NARAL Pro-Choice Texas - Texas chapter of the national organization

Public Education Organizations:
Alan Guttmacher Institute - Worldwide reproductive health services

National Abortion Federation - Professional association of abortion providers in the U.S. and Canada

Post-Abortion Support:
Exhale - Nonjudgmental, nonpolitical follow up abortion counseling

Peace after Abortion - Post abortion emotional support for women

Backline - Unconditional and judgement-free support during pregnancy, parenting, adoption, and abortion.

Prenatal Care:
Renaissance Women's Group - Obstetrics and gynecology services in Austin

Women, Infants, and Children - USDA program providing supplemental pre- and post-partum nutrition to low-income women

Women Partners in Health - Gynecology, childbirth and wellness for women in Austin

Austin Southwest OBGYN - Dr. Souhail Asfouri, MD is dedicated to providing compassionate care in a safe and nurturing atmosphere

Catholics for Choice - Promotes the belief that Catholic teachings mean that every individual must follow his or her own conscience

Faith Aloud - Helping to eliminate the religious stigma of abortion

Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice - National organizations from major faiths and traditions working for policies to strengthen reproductive justice

Sexually Transmitted Disease Information:
STD links - A King County, Washington site with a comprehensive list of links providing STD information and support

American Social Health Association - Sexually transmitted infection information, including prevention and support

Women's Health Information:
Choice Link Up - Directory for information about reproductive health and rights

Healthy Women - Independent, unbiased health information source for women

National Women's Health Information Center - U.S. government source for free women's health information

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